10 Best Outfit Ideas to Wear For a First Date, If It’s a Coffee Date
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10 Best Outfit Ideas to Wear For a First Date, If It’s a Coffee Date

Updated: Mar 15

There is definitely an art and skill to dating successfully. In today’s age when you can get a date within seconds thanks to dating apps, it seems things have rather gotten more complicated. We have come to over analyze every single step in the dating world.

What did he mean by ok? Did I come across as too forward? Does this outfit make me seem desperate? These are all questions that can run through our heads before a first date.

It's normal to feel anxious and nervous before a first date, especially if it’s the first time you’re ever meeting in person. You have no way of knowing your date’s mannerisms and true physical appearance until you actually meet in person. Whether we like to admit it or not, first impressions do matter. They may not be final but they do carry some weight.


You want to leave a good first impression with your date and a lot of that starts with the right outfit. It is said that a dinner date is the more exquisite first date, and potentially the most expensive. It also requires much more effort in your outfit choice. A first date at a coffee shop tends to be more relaxed. There is less pressure to dress up on a daytime date.

If you’re interested in getting some inspiration for an upcoming first coffee date, you have come to the right place. In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some of the best coffee date outfit ideas whether this is a first coffee date, second date or any other date. The good news is that coffee dates are more casual and so the outfits represented would reflect that.

Just because the setting is more casual does not mean you should not be bringing your best self to this daytime date. You still want to look chic for your date without going over the top. You may not be wearing a sexy date night outfit but you’re not lounging on your couch neither. Keep reading for the best casual first date outfit you can pull off.

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Before deciding on your date outfits in general, I recommend doing a quick Google search of the restaurant or coffee shop you’re headed to. The aesthetic of the place would give you an idea of how dressy or casual your outfit should be. Another helpful detail is the menu. The pricier the items on the menu, the bougier your outfit. The third thing to consider is your relationship with the date.

Have you been friends for a while? If so, there is already some rapport, and it makes it easier to choose an outfit as you would be less nervous. If you’ve been dating for a while and you’re meeting up with your significant other for coffee, then that’s the best. You could easily show up in a crop top and a pair of white sneakers without thinking twice. Keep reading for the perfect first date outfit.

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What to wear on a coffee date?

1) Jeans + Tee

Believe it or not, a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans make for the perfect outfit to wear to a casual date. A white t-short paired with cropped jeans and sandals is a great option to go with during the summer months. You can complete your look with a pair of sunglasses and a crossbody bag. Feel free to add a pop of color by choosing t-shirts in bright colors.

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During the cooler months, you can add a bomber jacket on top of your tee and throw on a pair of flat ankle boots such as Chelsea boots for a warmer look. This is the perfect outfit to go for if you really don’t know what to wear as it’s a blind date. It’s not too dressy and not too casual – as long as you don’t show up in flip flops!

2) Sweater dress with boots

If your coffee shop date is taking place during the colder months, you don’t want to forego staying warm for being stylish. You can achieve a chic yet warm look by opting for a sweater dress. If your dress is above your knees, I recommend adding a pair of black tights or leggings for an extra layer of warmth. You could even wear your little black dress on a coffee date, if it’s a simple one like THIS ONE

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What I love about this look is that you can style it up with a pair of heeled ankle boots or even over-the-knee boots. You can also dress it down by adding a denim jacket as outerwear and a pair of flat ankle boots. Instead of a jacket, choose a long coat if It’s extra cold outside, your date won’t mind, I promise.

3) Tank top and jeans

A great way to show up to a casual date when it’s nice outside is by pairing your tank top with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. A pair of high-waisted jeans would give you a more flattering waist. For a slimming effect, go for jeans in darker shades and dark wash denim. You could try pairing a pair of boyfriend jeans with a tank top in a neutral color and pair of ballet flats.

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This is a cute first-date outfit that could transition from day to night if things are going well. Add a structured blazer or long line cardigan for some extra warmth or if you wish to hide your arms. For a sleek and sexy look, throw on a leather jacket and pair of high heels.

4) Maxi skirt and blouse

If your personal style is more girly, then you probably own a lot of skirts. Make good use if your maxi skirts by pairing them with a pretty blouse for a chic look. A pair of low-heeled sandals are the best choice to complete this look with. You could add a longline blazer as a jacket if you’re dressing during the cooler months.

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This is a great option if your coffee date is during your lunch hour at work. It’s professional enough for the office yet casual enough to grab a cup of coffee. A pair of flats or mules are good options of footwear to go with. A blouse with long sleeves works great during the winter months while a short-sleeved blouse is a good idea during the summer.

5) Midi dress

Make a great first impression on your blind dates by choosing a chic midi dress in great color. For coffee dates, your midi dresses should be more casual to reflect the environment. It’s important to choose a dress in a color that compliments your skin tone as it would be the main focus. If you’re unsure of yourself, black is always the safest option.

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If you’re meeting up during the Spring, a cute floral dress would be a good look. You could pair it with a long jacket or a trench coat for a sophisticated look. Ditch the flats for a pair of sleek flats or mules to put your best foot forward on this date. Pastel colors are also a great way to make your outfit stand out and be more memorable.

You could opt for a pair of sneakers if you’re headed to a super casual coffee shop. I suggest with sneakers as they’re easy to style with anything and are the dressier style of sneakers.

6) Shirt dress + leggings

Casually meeting up in person with someone you met on a dating app? A shirt dress is a great choice. It’s the perfect blend of casual and slightly dressy. You can add a skinny belt to accentuate your waist and make your look more dressy. If you want to show your fashion-forward side, choose a shirt dress in a fun print. If your dress is short, add a pair of biker shorts or black leggings underneath.

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You could also wear a pair of jeans underneath your shirt dress if it’s a shorter one. A pair of open-toe sandals or flats would help complete this great outfit. If a movie date comes out of it, this outfit would still have you looking every bit as stylish.

7) Midi skirt + top

Midi skirts could be worn both during the summer and winter months to create chic date-ready looks. The trick is in the style of midi skirt and your choice of top. A fitted midi skirt should be worn for an evening date while a looser one is typically reserved for dates during the day. A sexy top such as a halter cop can be worn for a fancy dinner.

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For coffee dates, consider pairing your midi skirt with short-sleeved blouses, tank tops and eve casual crop tops. During the winter, your top could be replaced with a crop top or chunky sweater for a warm semi-casual look.

8) Denim dress

If you’re a fan of simple outfits when it comes to going on dates, a casual dress such as a denim one is the perfect choice. The length of the dress is up to you and what you’re comfortable with. If this is a first date, I suggest opting for a knee-length dress. You could also wear to this to a casual dinner if plans change.

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A pair of white sneakers are a great choice if this is a casual meet up on campus. To elevate your look, you can opt for a pair of heels. During the cold weather, a pair of knee-high boots work great to keep your look chic and still stay warm.

9) Short skirt

This is probably the most risqué option on this list. I recommend this option if you’re already familiar with your date and this is not your first meet up. To balance things out, try pairing your mini skirt with a v-neck tee or a short-sleeved blouse. You could also work with a crop top if sexy is the look you’re going for.

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In terms of footwear, a pair of strappy sandals, a pair of sneakers or flats are all great choices. Consider opting for a looser fitting short skirt if you’ve never met your date in person before. You want to leave a good impression the first time you’re meeting with them. A pair of heeled mules could be worn in case you end up going for a nice dinner.

10) Cargo pants and a button-down shirt

If skinny jeans are out of your comfort zone, I recommend trying a pair of cargo pants. They comes in all types of styles and colors. You could easily pair them with a cute top or a button down shirt for a chic casual look. You could also pair your pants with a graphic t-shirt to create a different look.

Get the look HERE

Make sure your pants are the perfect fit to create the best outfit. You could leave some of the buttons on your shirt unbuttoned to make this look a little sexier. A pair of sneakers or flat sandals work great during the warmer months. Ankle boots could be worn during the cold months.

The most important thing is to dress comfortably, be yourself and aim to have a good time on a first date. Don’t go and wear something completely out of your comfort zone to impress you date. Also know the best color to compliment your skin tone and make sure to incorporate it into your outfit.

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