7 Outfit Ideas to Wear For a TV Interview
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7 Outfit Ideas to Wear For a TV Interview

Updated: Feb 22

Being on TV is super exciting. I can never forget the first time I was on a live segment at a TV studio. I was talking about my newly founded business at the time and was both nervous and excited. I got my makeup done by a professional make up artist, wore what I thought was a great outfit and tried to remember my key lines.

I went home and went to the station’s website to re-watch my television appearance and cringed. My outfit looked so loud on screen. My face was oily as I had gotten my makeup done in the morning while my interview had been in the afternoon. With my super oily skin, I looked liked a melting wax figure under all of the studio lights. I also looked so much heavier than I did in person.


I really hope I did not scare you with my own horrifying initiation into the world of television interviews. I am instead going to use my misfortune to help you be better prepared for your own interview in front of the camera. Your first time does not have to look anything like mine, and I hope it won’t.

In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some great outfit ideas you can consider wearing for a television interview you may have coming up. The same tips could also be applied for any video interview you may be giving from home or a virtual job interview. Media interviews are scary enough, let your outfit be the least of your worries.

Learn from my mistakes and look like a pro the next time you’re going to be on TV. I would also be sharing some great pointers and pieces of advice to help you look your best, aside from wearing an outfit that looks great on camera. Whether you are preparing for an in-person interview or a virtual one, it’s a good idea to always put your best foot forward and not freak out when you see re-runs of your interview.

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I would like to start this post with my top tips for preparing for a TV interview. The following tips should be saved and referred to as needed:

i) Prepare your wardrobe in advance. Unless you are a fashion stylist, do not wait until the last minute to decide what you’re going to wear. Iron what requires ironing and make sure zippers work.

ii) Understand your skin type. If you have oily skin, make sure you use a good mattifier under your makeup and a primer that is made for oily skin. Also have oil blotters nearby.

iii) Do not take fashion risks. Now is not the time to whip out that funky dress you’ve never worn before. Stick to clothing you are comfortable in and have worn in the past. You do not want to be unpleasantly surprised. The same goes with makeup – trying out a new makeup style now is a bad idea.

iv) Remember what you are talking about and rehearse. Have some key words or phrases that would help you remember all you want to say. You don’t need to memorize a whole monologue, just the most important things.

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v) Arrive early. If your interview is going to be live at a tv station, try to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time. It is both good manners and would also reduce your anxiety if you’re not stuck in traffic and racing in.

vi) Be mindful of your body language. Body posture is very telling on camera. Consciously remember to sit up throughout and not cross your arms. If you’re nervous, feel free to hold your hands in front of you or on your lap. If this is a really important interview, there are media trainers you could hire to teach you proper etiquette for media interviews.

vii) Avoid bright colors. You may be tempted to try and stand out in a brightly-colored outfit but avoid it. It could be come too distracting or could end up looking clown-ish.

Now that you have some great advice you can save as you prepare for your on-screen interview, let’s focus on your wardrobe. The outfit you choose could make people tune in immediately or switch channels.

Whether we like it or not, our appearance can draw in viewers or deter them so let’s make sure you’re looking your best. You don’t need to regret your first tv interview like me.

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What to wear for a TV interview

1) Blazer and shirt

This is the simplest outfit you can put together that would look good on the small screen and flattering on your body. If your interview is a casual one, a white v-neck t-shirt could be paired with a structured blazer in a solid color. If only the top half of your body is going to be show, you could wear a pair of jeans and flats to complete your look.

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I suggest going with a blazer in a solid color or one with very small and subtle print. Darker colors work better and would help to slim you down on TV. For a more formal interview, choose a pair of simple black pants and a pair of ballet flats to complete your look. Also choose a button-down shirt as a opposed to a v-neck shirt.

2) Midi dress in a solid color

One thing to avoid when appearing on TV is a busy dress. You want to opt for dresses in solid colors, preferably neutral ones. It’s a safe bet to go with dresses in jewel tones such as dark green, purple, dark blue or maroon. If you must do an outfit with colors, those are your best choices. You can always add a blazer on top if you wish to hide your arms.

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Midi dresses work best if your full body is going to be on camera and it is a sit-down interview. You don’t want your dress to ride up and have too much skin showing on camera. If you are already curvy, avoid dresses that are fully body-hugging as they can cause unwanted folds when you sit down.

3) Dress with prints

If you are going to wear an outfit with prints, I suggest pairing it with an item in a solid color. Also keep the prints as small as possible. For example, you could wear a dress featuring Aztec print and wear a Dark brown or black blazer on top of it. During the colder months, you could layer your print dress with cardigans in dark colours.

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What’s most important is to minimize the bold patterns as things tend to look quite different on TV due to all the additional lighting. The smaller the print, the better. Elongate your legs with a pair of heels you’re comfortable walking in. Be mindful of heel height and go with a sensible heel rather than a high heel you could topple over in.

4) Blouse and skirt

Another great option you can go with is a blouse and skirt. During the summer months, feel free to opt for a short-sleeved blouse in a solid color. Pair it with a skirt in a complimentary color. When in doubt, choose a black skirt. This looks great on all body types and helps hide any unwanted bulges or rolls.

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THIS blouse is a great example of one with small prints that could work on camera.

You can also opt for a blouse with small prints, as long as they are not distracting. Wear a blazer on top for a more professional look. If you are going to be wearing a crisp white shirt, I recommend adding a blazer on top to break things up. It would be tragic if the background behind you is white, and you show up in a white blouse with nothing to distinguish you from the background. A blazer in a darker color would help fix this.

5) Sweater and pants

During the winter months, you want to stay warm and comfortable while still looking chic. The best way to do this is by pairing a fitted sweater with a pair of loose-fitting trousers. Choose a sweater in a dark solid color such as forest green or brown and pair it with pants in a dark color as well. If you’re worried about looking bulky on camera, add a blazer!

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I do not suggest a tight pair of pants for 2 reasons: your zipper or button could break if you’re sitting down and when you sit, you don’t want your muffin top to be the focus of attention. Of course, you could always add a long cardigan on top to hide any folds and flabs. If you are curvy or insecure about your weight, I would suggest avoiding chunky sweaters as they would make you appear even bigger than you are in real life.

6) Sweater dress

Another way to show up for your first tv appearance during the colder months is to go with a sweater dress. As previously mentioned, keep the dress to a solid color, preferably a darker one. If you find your dress boring, add a pair of simple dangly earrings to make your face come alive. After all, that is the centre of attention when you’re on TV.

Get the look HERE

Go with a sweater dress that compliments your skin tone (more on that on my blog post: 8 ways to wear a sweater dress).

Add a pair of ankle boots or knee boots to complete your look. If your sweater dress is shorter, a pair of black tights or leggings should be worn to avoid any fashion faux pas.

7) Maxi skirt and top

Maxi and midi skirts are both good options to go with when appearing on TV. The longer length helps avoid a situation where you’re showing more than you intended to if you sit down on camera. Pleated skirts in neutral colors are great options for women who are concerned about their weight.

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Choose a looser-fitting top and add a blazer or jacket on top in a different color. For a more casual interview, you could wear a tank top with a structured blazer on top. You could add a pop of color by choosing a top or blouse in a pastel color and then adding the dark color blazer on top. Read up more on styling pleated skirts on my post: The 6 best ways to wear a pleated skirt.

I hope you have found this post helpful as I wish I had all of this information available to me before my first interview with a tv reporter. I have given you outfit ideas and tips that would work for different body types. You can create the perfect outfit to wear for an interview using pieces already in your closet.

Do refer to my list of tips beforehand to ensure you’re covering all your bases. Remember to keep your style simple as less is more when you’re on camera. I do suggest you wear makeup as tv has a way of making us look more tired than in person as well as showing every single blemish. Good luck! Do check out my post: The best heels to wear with a black dress in case you decide to opt for a classic LBD.

I also have a post titled: 7 outfits to wear for a presentation. This would provide you with outfit ideas to choose when preparing for a presentation.

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