11 Outfits to Wear to a County Fair Regardless of the Season
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11 Outfits to Wear to a County Fair Regardless of the Season

Updated: Nov 2

County fairs are the epitome of wholesome fun and community spirit, filled with thrilling rides, delicious food, and exciting games. Choosing the perfect outfit for a day at the fair is essential to ensure you're comfortable and stylish while enjoying the festivities.


In this blog post, we'll explore 11 cute outfits that are perfect for a day at the county fair, whether you're strolling the midway or watching the livestock shows. Later on, I’ll also be sharing some great tips in case this is your first time at the fair.

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What to Wear to a County Fair

1. Classic Denim Shorts and Graphic Tee:

You can never go wrong with a pair of comfortable denim shorts and a graphic tee that shows off your personality. Try a pair of white jeans for a bright summer look.

Add a floppy hat and some sneakers for a relaxed look. On a chilly afternoon or evening, add an open cardigan.

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2. Sundress and Straw Hat:

A light and breezy sundress is perfect for a sunny day at the fair. Pair it with a wide-brimmed straw hat to stay shaded and stylish. Complete your fair look with a pair of cowboy boots to add some Southern charm to your outfit.

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2. Romper or Jumpsuit:

A romper or jumpsuit is a one-piece wonder that offers comfort and style. This is a good choice if you don’t plan on going to the bathroom often. Look for playful prints or solid colors, and accessorize with a belt and comfy sandals.

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3. Boho Maxi Dress:

A bohemian-style maxi dress with a floral print is a great option for a carefree and relaxed look. Top it off with a denim jacket for cooler evenings. The best way to complete this outfit is with a pair of flat sandals or white sneakers.

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4. Plaid Shirt and Denim Skirt:

Capture the country fair atmosphere with a plaid button-up shirt and a denim skirt. During the colder months, a great way to pull up to the Minnesota state fair is by pairing a flannel shirt with a pair of leggings. Throw on some cowgirl boots to complete the look.

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5. Overalls and Crop Top:

Overalls are making a comeback, and they're perfect for a day at the fair. Pair them with a cute crop top or tank top for a trendy, playful style. Keep cool in the summer heat by opting for light wash denim.

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6. Gingham Dress:

Gingham patterns exude a classic, picnic-like charm. A gingham dress is a sweet choice for a day of fair activities. During county fair season, mini dresses are appropriate and could also be paired with fishnet tights or stockings.

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7. Sporty Athleisure:

If you plan to be active at the fair, opt for athleisure wear like leggings, a sports bra, and a light jacket. You could also wear a jogger set to take part in the fair activities. Finish the look with sneakers and a baseball cap.

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8. Boho Shorts and Tank Top:

Boho-style shorts with fringe or lace details are a comfortable and fashionable choice. Pair them with a simple tank top and layered necklaces for a bohemian vibe. Keep your overall look casual by opting for a pair of sandals.

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10. Vintage-Inspired Swing Dress:

A vintage-style swing dress in a retro print is perfect for a touch of nostalgia. Add some cat-eye sunglasses and classic sneakers for a full retro look. You could also opt for a low-heeled pump if you don’t plan to walk for extended periods of time.

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11. Ruffled Skirt and Blouse:

A ruffled skirt paired with a flowy blouse is a feminine and elegant choice. This outfit is perfect for a day of leisurely fair exploration. You can also take this look from day to night by adding a black leather biker jacket.

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A day at the county fair is all about having fun, indulging in treats, and enjoying the atmosphere of a lively community event. These 11 chic looks provide a range of options, whether you prefer classic, boho, sporty, or vintage styles.

Whatever you choose, remember to prioritize comfort and be prepared for a day filled with excitement and adventure. Embrace the fair's unique spirit, and you'll have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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County fairs are quintessential summer events, offering a mix of thrilling rides, delicious food, live entertainment, and games. These vibrant gatherings are a celebration of community spirit and family fun.

To make the most of your visit to a county fair, it's essential to be well-prepared. Now that you have a good idea of the dress code at a county or state fair, I'll share 7 valuable tips to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience at the fair.

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A Guide to Attending a County Fair

1. Plan Ahead:

Before you head to the county fair, take some time to plan your visit. Research the fair dates, the fair's schedule, including special events, performances, and competitions. Knowing what's happening when will help you make the most of your time.

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2. Dress Comfortably:

Comfort is key for a day at the fair. Wear walking shoes and comfortable clothing, as you'll be walking around a lot. Consider a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Don't forget to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

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3. Arrive Early:

Arriving early at the county fair has its advantages. You'll have the chance to explore without large crowds, and you'll often find shorter lines for the rides and games. It's also an excellent time to enjoy breakfast or brunch at the fair.

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4. Budget Wisely:

County fairs can be budget-friendly, but it's easy to get carried away with spending. Set a budget for the day, including food, games, and rides. Consider purchasing an unlimited ride pass if you plan to go on several attractions.

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5. Try the Fair Food:

The best thing about any county fair may be the food. Don't miss the opportunity to try classic fair treats like funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy, and lemonade. Be sure to explore food options from local vendors for a unique taste of the region.

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6. Participate in Games and Competitions:

Engage in the spirit of competition by trying your hand at games and contests. Test your skills at ring toss, dart games, or enter contests like pie-eating or cornhole. You might even win a fun prize!

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7. Enjoy Live Entertainment:

County fairs often feature live entertainment, from bands and singers to animal shows and talent contests. Check the schedule for performances you'd like to attend and make time to enjoy the shows.

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A visit to a county fair is an opportunity to create cherished memories and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. By following the steps mentioned above you'll have a great time and memorable experience.

So, embrace the excitement, savor the flavors, and take in the unique charm of your local county fair. It's a day that promises endless fun and a chance to relish the joys of community and summertime traditions.

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County fairs are synonymous with fun, food, and fantastic entertainment, but spending a day at the fair also means a lot of walking and standing. To ensure your comfort and enjoyment, choosing the right shoes is essential.

Below, we'll discuss the 5 best shoe options for a delightful and comfortable experience at the county fair.

5 Best Shoes to Wear to a County Fair

1. Comfortable Sneakers:

Comfortable sneakers are the ultimate choice for a day at the county fair. Opt for a well-cushioned, supportive pair that offers all-day comfort.

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Sneakers are the best option for walking long distances, standing in lines, and enjoying rides without worrying about sore feet. They also provide good grip for any unexpected muddy or uneven terrain.

2. Sandals with Arch Support:

If you prefer something more breathable for a warm day during the summer time, consider sandals with proper arch support. Look for sandals designed for all-day wear, as they'll provide the necessary comfort and cushioning.

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Many brands offer supportive sandals that are both stylish and foot-friendly, making them an ideal choice for the fair.

3. Slip-On Shoes:

Slip-on shoes, like loafers or moccasins, are a convenient and stylish choice for a day at the county fair. They're easy to take on and off, making them perfect for activities that require removal of your shoes, like entering certain rides. Choose slip-ons with cushioned insoles for added comfort.

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4. Boots:

For those attending a fair on a cooler day or in a region with unpredictable weather, comfortable boots can be an excellent choice.

Look for boots with good arch support, padding, and a durable sole. They'll keep your feet warm and dry, especially if you encounter mud or rain.

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5. Closed-Toe Flats:

Closed-toe flats are a stylish and versatile option for a day at the fair. They offer more protection than sandals while providing a comfortable and fashionable look.

Look for flats with cushioned insoles to keep your feet comfortable as you explore the fairgrounds.

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When it comes to choosing the right shoes for a day at the county fair, comfort and practicality are key. Comfortable sneakers, sandals with arch support, slip-on shoes, boots, and closed-toe flats are all excellent options that will keep your feet happy throughout the day.

Remember to pair your choice of footwear with comfortable socks to further enhance your comfort. With the right shoes, you can fully enjoy the fair's attractions, delicious treats, and entertainment without worrying about tired or sore feet.

So, step into the fairground in style and comfort, and savor every moment of this classic summer tradition.

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