7 Stylish Ways for Women to Wear a Peacoat
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7 Stylish Ways for Women to Wear a Peacoat

Winter coats come in different shapes and various colors. During the colder months, the easiest way to look stylish is by investing in a good coat. Regardless of what you’ve got underneath, you’ll end up looking like you’re ready for fashion Week if you have a well-fitted coat. Peacoats are a great choice when you want to go for a dressier look.

A peacoat is essentially a short, double-breasted coat of coarse woolen cloth, formerly worn by sailors. If you type in ‘pea coat’ on Google, you will find mostly images of men’s peacoats. This does not mean only men get to rock this type of coat. There are women’s peacoats as well and they are just as stylish as the men’s versions.


In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some great outfit ideas for what to wear under a peacoat. As peacoats are typically worn during the cold weather, these looks would be geared towards that. Although winter may be over in some weeks, peacoats can still be worn in the Spring to create warm yet stylish outfits.

Before we hop into the best ways to style a peacoat, I would like to share some great options of peacoats. This list would be especially helpful if you are on the hunt for the perfect peacoat. By the end of this post, you may find yourself swapping your trench coat for a classic peacoat. Keep reading to find out the different ways to style your pea coat using pieces in your closet.

Get the vintage pea coat HERE

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Where to buy women’s pea coats

i) Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers a wide range of pea coats in different colors. Stay warm and classy in the cold temperatures by pairing a pea coat in a neutral color with a pair of skinny jeans and a thick sweater. Peacoats are known for the double-breasted cut and THIS military green pea coat by Sam Edelman is highly reviewed.

ii) Amazon

If you’re looking for a pea coat that could arrive within a day or two, Amazon is your best option. If you do not own a pea coat yet, you should start with pea coats in neutral colors. That way you would be able to easily pair them with other items in your wardrobe. THIS black peacoat is a classic that you could easily pair with jeans or dress pants.

iii) ASOS

Some people may not be a fan of the short length of a pea coat. If that’s the case you can opt for a longline pea coat such as THIS ONE. You could pair it with a casual look to run some errands during the winter months. The light grey color would be easy to pair with all sorts of bottoms and tops in your closet.

iv) Etsy

Etsy is a great place to shop for vintage pea coats. You can find one-of-a-kind peacoats in different styles that you’re sure you won’t find other people wearing. If you’re searching for a long pea coat, then THIS tweed coat would be a great option. The high collar would keep your neck warm while giving you a classic look.

Now that you have an idea of where to shop for pea coats, we can dive into the different ways to style them. You would see how a pea coat can be styled for formal wear as well as casual wear. It’s all about your choice of bottoms and shirts.

What to wear under a pea coat

1) A sweater + jeans

This is probably the most popular to create more casual outfits with your pea coat. Pair your peacoat with your favorite jeans and a thin sweater to create a chic Fall or Spring look. A black pea coat could be paired with any color of jeans to create a stylish outfit. Complete your look with a pair of boots during the cold months.

Get the look HERE

For a more professional look with a pair of jeans, opt for a pair of dark blue jeans. Not only would this create a slimming effect but it also make your outfit more formal. A pair of ballet flats or boots work for footwear.

2) A pair of pants

You can create corporate wear with your double-breasted peacoat by pairing it with a pair of dress pants. Wear a simple blouse or white shirt with a pair of your dress pants to create a chic office look. Complete your outfit with a pair of flats or heels during the warmer weather.

Get the look HERE

Ankle boots are a great choice to go with if it’s still pretty cold outside. You could also opt for a pair of culottes during the Spring to still maintain a professional look but add some of your personal style to your outfit. Of course you could replace your blouse or shirt with a sweater if it’s cold outside.

3) A pencil skirt

Another great way of styling a pea coat is by pairing it with a skirt. The length of skirt would depend on where you are headed. On casual days, you could opt for a mini skirt and add a pair of tight underneath for some extra warmth. Complete your look with a pair of tall boots and you’ve got yourself a chic date night look.

Get the look HERE

For a more formal look, opt for midi length or knee-length pencil skirts in various colors. Pair them with cable knit sweaters during the winter months or long-sleeved blouses during the Spring. A pair of flats or loafers work great for footwear options.

4) A little black dress

Complete your formal looks with a peacoat. They’re a classic winter coat that help keep you warm yet stylish even while wearing a little black dress. Little black dresses work well with this double-breasted design as they are both on the shorter side. A maxi dress may be a bit too long to wear underneath a pea coat.

Get the look HERE

Complete your look with a pair of high heels if you’re headed for a special occasion. You can always opt for kitten heels if you still want the added elegance of a heel but without the struggle of a high heel. A pair of sleek flats are also a great choice when heels are not an option.

Do check out my post: 8 Items You Can Wear Over Your Cocktail Dress to Stay Warm. It offers great options of stylish outerwear you can wear over formal attire.

5) Leather pants

Create a sexy outfit with your pea coat by pairing it with a pair of leather pants. Choose a pair of wide-legged leather pants for a more relaxed fit. For a night out during the winter months, opt for a pair of tight skinny leather pants. Choose a simple white t-shirt and a pair of ankle boots for a chic outfit.

Get the look HERE

Black leather pants would be the most slimming and flattering but you could opt for leather pants in different colors as well. You could also replace your peacoat with a black leather jacket for an edgier look.

I also love THIS navy blue wool blend pea coat. The detachable faux shearling collar makes the coat more interesting. Definitely for the fashion forward.

6) White pants

During the Spring months, pair your pea coat with a pair of white pants or white jeans for a chic outfit during the slightly warm climates. Complete your look with a pair of white sneakers or chic ankle boots. In terms of tops, you can wear a button-down shirt in a pastel color for a stylish office look.

Get the look HERE

You could also choose a thin striped sweater to create a classic look. You could also create a monochrome look by choosing a pair of bottoms in the same color as your pea coat. Throw on a pair of shoes also in the same color to complete your chic monochromatic outfit.

7) Cropped Jeans and a blouse

When it starts getting nicer outside right after the brutal winter, you can’t jump right into crop tops and shorts. A great transition outfit you can create with clothing items in your closet is this one right there. If you do not own cropped jeans, you can roll up the hem of your straight leg jeans.

Get the look HERE

A brown peacoat is a great choice to go with as it is easy to pair with a variety of colors. Complete your look with a pair of ankle boots. Feel free to play around with tops in floral prints and bright colors to welcome the warmer weather.

The large collar of a peacoat along with its double-breasted front are what make it distinguishable. They are typically made from a wool blend and so are worn during the colder months. I hope you have seen how easy it is to style a pea coat with items in your closet.

If you are new to the pea coat trend, start off with peacoats in neutral colors. A navy peacoat or a black one would be a great place to start.

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