8+ Outfits to Wear Under Your Graduation Gown in 2023
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8+ Outfits to Wear Under Your Graduation Gown in 2023

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Graduation Day is one of the most important days in a student’s life. Graduation season would soon be upon us and now is a good time to start preparing your look. Whether you’re graduating from High School, university, college or a higher education program, it’s a proud moment in your life.

Academic achievements should be celebrated, no matter the stage in life. This includes preparing your graduation outfit for your big day.

If you’re reading this post, you must be preparing for a graduation ceremony. First of all, congratulations on this achievement! Preparing your outfit for your special day is also important and I’m glad you’re thinking ahead.

With emotions sometimes running high the day of you graduation, the last thing you want to worry about is your graduation attire. To plan ahead is to avoid a potential wardrobe malfunction or discomfort in front of hundreds or thousands.


In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some great options of outfits you can wear on your graduation day. I would be covering different styles of outfits to accommodate various personal styles. I understand not everyone wants to wear a tight dress and high heels underneath their graduation robe. If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration for your big day, keep reading.

I would also try to provide options for different academic stages – I would not expect someone graduating from High School to have the same budget as someone preparing for a College graduation. Their styles would also most likely be different from one another. One thing is for sure, your hard work deserves to be celebrated, even if it means just switching up your outfit for the day.

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What to wear under your graduation gown

1) A midi dress

If you are headed to a formal event afterwards to celebrate your special occasion, this is a good option. Choose a midi dress with short sleeves during the warmer months and one with long sleeves if your ceremony is during the winter. Midi dresses in neutral colors work nicely if there is a formal dress code or if you want a more academic dress.

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Complete your look with a pair of heels if you won’t be standing on your feet for long. A pair of flats or flat sandals are great choices if you plan to be standing for lots of pictures and want to be comfortable. During the colder months, you could wear a pair of tights under your dress for some extra warmth. To show off your shape, opt for a body con midi dress.

2) Blazer and jeans

This is as casual as it gets when it comes to graduation attire. If you are going to wear jeans under your graduation hood, ensure they are dark wash denim. No rips, no holes and a simple cut. Adding a blazer to this outfit makes it more business casual and appropriate for the formality of the ceremony.

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Wear a simple blouse or top underneath your blazer to complete your look. You could also opt for a dress shirt if you want to wear more formal clothing. A white shirt is your safest bet. This is a great look for those looking for a more casual look on their special day.

3) Blouse and pencil skirt

Looking for a dressier outfit on graduation day but don’t feel like wearing a dress? Here’s the perfect outfit for you. Pairing blouses in solid colors with pencil skirts is a good idea if you want to create a more feminine look. During the summer months, feel free to opt for a short-sleeved blouse in a bright color. Pair your top with a skirt in a complimentary color.

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When in doubt, choose a black skirt. This looks great on all body types and helps hide any unwanted bulges or rolls. You can always play around with different colors and prints as your robe would hide most of your outfit. This is the time to show off your personal style.

4) Dress shirt with pants

A collared dress shirt can be paired with dress pants to create a more formal look. You want to immortalize the moment you walk across the stage to get your undergraduate degree, why not do so in a professional outfit? A pair of dark trousers are a great choice if you want a more slimming effect. They also work great if your ceremony is during the cold months.

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You want to wear pants that are at least calf length, even if it’s during the Summer. During the warm weather, a pair of long culottes could be worn in the place of full black pants. Complete your look with a pair of comfortable shoes. These could be flats or heels.

5) Flared skirt + a simple blouse

This is a classic look you can pull off if you want to look more dressed up underneath your robe. It also works if you’re headed to a fancy gathering with family member right after. Choose a longer skirt for a more formal look and pair wit strappy heels.

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You can always carry a change of shoes with you if you want to look more dressed up after the ceremony. This is a good idea if you’re nervous about wearing heels to cross the stage in front of so many people. Save the tall heels for when you’ve taken off your robe and graduation cap.

6) A pantsuit

Graduation season typically occurs during the warm months. As this is the time of year to rock floral prints, why not stand out in a floral pantsuit? Pick one color featured on your suit and wear a tank top, button-down shirt or simple shirt in that color.

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Complete your outfit with a pair of closed-toe dress shoes or comfortable heels. You could also opt for a pair of flats if you plan to be on your feet for a long time. A power suit in a bold solid color would also be a great choice to make a fashion statement.

7) A maxi skirt

If wearing a shorter skirt is not an option for you, a maxi skirt is also a good choice if you are adhering to a more formal dress code. One of the best ways to style your long skirts during the cold seasons is by pairing them with a chic sweater. A chunky sweater can be worn, or a more fitted sweater for a cleaner look.

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Pair your long skirt with a funky sweater in a dark neutral color to create a simple yet stylish look for the cold weather. During the warm months, a simple blouse can be paired with your maxi skirt for a simple grad look.

8) Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are a great idea if you don’t want to worry about shaving your legs or sucking in your stomach. You can be free and stylish for the many hours it takes to go through all the graduates. Opt for a flowy long dress if you are looking for formal clothing you can be comfortable in for a long time.

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Just make sure the hem of your gown does not sweep the floor or else you risk falling when your moment comes to walk across the stage. Choose a maxi dress with a floral print during the Spring months or one in a bright color to really shine on this special day.

9) A Tailored Shorts Set

During the warmer months, opt for a pair of structures Bermuda shorts with a matching blazer. This is a great idea if you're not a fan of skirts or dresses and the weather forecast predicts high temperatures. A simple tank top in a solid color can be worn underneath.

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I hope you have gotten some great ideas of outfits you can wear on your graduation day. You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy a new outfit. You can go for a full formal look or opt for something more casual if you wish. Let me know which one of these was your favorite.

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