What to wear with a gray dress
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The Top 7 Shoes to Wear With a Grey Dress or Grey Outfits

Updated: Aug 29

Grey is a neutral color we tend to see more of during the winter months. It’s a color we see often in corporate environments and business meetings because of its neutrality. This makes grey an easy color to style and pair with other colors. There are different shades of grey but all of them have a similar effect.

In today’s blog post, I would be sharing the best colors of shoes to pair with grey dresses. You would come to see how easy it is to style a grey dress outfit to create different looks. I would be giving you outfit ideas to create both casual looks as well as more formal ones with a gray dress.


As someone who really loves colorful clothing, I do not personally own a lot of grey dresses or grey clothing in general. I do own a few basics such as a grey pencil skirt and a grey sweater, but I do not wear them very often. I’ll typically reserve them for the occasional trip to the office during the colder months.

To start off however, I would like to share some great options of grey dresses. These are worth checking out if you’re looking for a stylish grey dress to add to your wardrobe. I would also share some other grey clothing pieces you can use to put together a chic grey outfit. Lots of sophisticated looks start off with grey clothes.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to shop for grey dresses and outfits

i) Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers a wide selection of gray dresses for different occasions. If you’re headed to a cocktail event, THIS ruffle sleeve grey sheath dress is a great choice. You could pair it with high heels or ballet flats for an elegant look. It’s also curve-friendly which is always a bonus. A darker shade of gray is more flattering on women trying to hide some imperfections.

ii) Shein

Create a casual yet sexy look in a gray dress by opting for a bodycon dress. During the colder months, you can pair a gray sweater dress with ankle boots and a pair of black tights. This is a look you can wear for date night or to grab drinks with friends. THIS light grey cut out dress would be the perfect choice.

iii) Asos

A great way to create a chic grey look is by wearing a matching grey set. THIS ruched soft gray crop top and skirt would be a great way to show up for a fancy birthday dinner. Complete your look with a pair of strappy sandals and a small purse.

iv) Revolve

Create a more casual look by opting for short grey dresses and skirts. These could be paired with white sneakers or flat sandals for day looks. Take your mini grey dress from day to night by swapping your flats for a pair of heels. If your legs are your favorite asset, show them off in THIS little grey dress. Who says only the LBD gets all the love?

v) Amazon

Amazon offers grey dresses and other grey clothing items for different occasions. My favorite is probably THIS vintage swing cocktail dress. You can create an elegant look for the office or for a cocktail dinner with this dress. Add a pair of pumps in a neutral shade for a stylish corporate look.

vi) Pretty Little Thing

The next time you’re thinking of wearing a suit, try going for a grey suit instead of the typical black suit. Dark grey outfits are more flattering than light grey ones on curvy women. You could also wear your suit as separates to create more outfits. Pair your grey pants with a crop top for a casual look. Choose a button-down shirt for a more formal look.

Now that you have a good idea of where to shop for a gray dress or grey clothing in general, let’s talk about the different ways to style them. You’ll see just how easy it is to put together stylish looks by pairing grey with different colors. This list is to serve as a guide but feel free to tweak things as you see fit.

The best shoe colors to pair with a gray dress or gray outfit

1) Clear heels

Clear heels are one of the sexiest heels out there. They make your legs look even longer if the front strap is clear. It just looks like your legs keep going and going. Elevate a simple grey bodycon dress with a pair of clear heels during the warmer months. Complete your look with a purse in a neutral color such as a white purse.

Get the look HERE

2) Black shoes

Black is always featured on these lists because it’s that neutral color we all own. It’s also easy to style with grey to create a neutral outfit. Pair your grey cocktail dress with a pair of black heels to create an elegant look. Try replacing your black dresses with grey ones from time to time to make your looks more interesting.

Get the look HERE

During the cold months, pair your grey sweater dress with black boots to create a chic cold weather outfit. Opt for tall boots if your dress is shorter. You can also add a pair of black tights underneath for some extra warmth. A black leather jacket Is the best way to complete your look.

I also like THIS option.

3) Grey shoes

Create a stylish monochrome look by pairing your grey dresses with grey heels. I recommend playing with different shades of grey to make your look more interesting and less washed out. Unless your outfit is a set of course, then you have no choice.

Get the look HERE

During the colder months, opt for a pair of grey boots instead of your usual black boots. You could also pair your casual grey dress with grey sneakers or flats.

I love these grey platform sandals.

4) White shoes

Grey and white is such a classic combination. They are both neutral colors that do not compete with one another. For formal events and special occasions, pair your gray dress with a pair of white high heels. During the summer months, you can pair your more casual grey looks with a pair of white flats or flat sandals.

Get the look HERE

If you’re headed to the mall, grocery store or for a long walk, throw on a pair of white sneakers instead. Complete your look with a denim jacket if it’s a little chilly. A small crossbody bag or a backpack are the perfect choice of bag.

Get this chic look HERE

5) Nude shoes

Nude shoes go nicely with grey dresses in lighter shades. Remember that nude is very subjective and so you want to make sure you choose the right shade of nude. As your shoe color blends with your skin tone, it helps to elongate your legs even more.

Get the look HERE

Nude heels can be paired with both short and long grey dresses. During the winter months, choose a grey dress with a long sleeve to keep warm. Choose a long coat such as a trench coat if you’re headed for a more formal event.

Get the beautiful nudist heels HERE

6) Red shoes

Add a pop of color to your grey outfit by opting for a pair of red heels. This bright color works best when paired with a dark gray dress or outfit. This is because of the contrast that the red creates against the red. You could complete your look with a bag in a neutral color or keep the bright accents going with a bright red bag.

Get the look HERE

You can also opt for a pair of red boots during the Fall and winter months for a chic warm look. Add a pair of leggings or tights under your dress to keep warm. Don’t forget the leather jacket if you’re going for a sleek look.

7) Silver shoes

The next time you’re wearing a grey dress to the office holiday party, consider pairing it with a pair of silver heels. Silver and gold heels are my favorite colors of shoes to rock during the holiday season. Silver in particular really compliments the grey color and adds a little shine to your overall look.

Get the look HERE

Silver shoes also work if you’re pairing a grey top with grey pants or grey jeans. This is a chic look you could wear for date night. Throw on a bomber jacket and you’re ready for a night out. You could also add a long cardigan instead of a jacket for a more casual look.

I hope you have gotten lots of inspiration for your next grey outfit. Grey is a neutral colour that is easy to pair with other colors. You can create both casual looks as well as more formal ones depending on your choice of grey dress. Check out the sites I shared above for some great options of grey dresses.

Get the grey suit HERE

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