5+ Items to Wear With a Lace Top
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5+ Items to Wear With a Lace Top

Updated: Jun 3

Lace is a dainty yet sexy fabric. It’s commonly used in wedding gowns as well as fancy tops and dresses. Lace tops come in many different styles and colors which can be styled in many ways. Seeing as there are many different types of lace, it only makes sense that there would be many different kinds of lace tops.

In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some great ways to style a lace top or lace blouse to create chic looks. Whether you are headed to formal events or a casual outing, there’s a lace top for that. Add a touch of soft feminine glam to your outfit by opting for a lace shirt.


I personally love to wear lace tops when I’m headed to a fancy occasion. It adds a touch of elegance and sexiness to a rather basic outfit. I pair mine with pencil skirts and jeans most of the time.

Before I go into the different stylish outfits you can pull off with a lace top, I would like to share the different types of lace tops and where to find them. This would help you decide which type of lace top you want to rock as well as where you could find one. Bookmark this list in case you need to refer to it later.

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Different types of lace tops

i) Lace crop top

Lace crop tops are a great addition to any Spring and Summer wardrobe. You could pair them with casual bottoms to create more stylish casual looks. Start out with a crop top in a neutral color so that it can go with anything. A white lace top for example could be paired with your maxi skirts as well as your favorite jeans.

ii) Lace bodysuit

I’m a sucker for a well-fitted bodysuit. Lace bodysuits could be long or short-sleeved to create chic looks with. Try a new date night look by pairing a high neck black lace bodysuit with a pair of skinny jeans. Complete your look with a pair of high heels and you’ve got yourself a new look.

iii) Long sleeve lace top

Lace tops with long sleeves could be worn to more formal events. If your top is transparent around your cleavage, wear a tank top or cami underneath if you are headed to a formal occasion such as a cocktail event. You can pair your long-sleeved lace tops with high-waisted skirts to flatter your waist more.

iv) Off-shoulder lace top

Create a fun casual look during the warmer weather by pairing an off the shoulder lace top with a pair of mom jeans. Choose a lace top in a bold color or fun print to show off your personal style. What’s great about off-shoulder tops is that you can wear a strapless bra underneath.

v) Lace cami

Lace camis work the same way as a regular cami or tank top. You can pair them with jeans or skirt for girls’ nights out or you can add a blazer or jacket on top to make your outfit more formal. The lace detail adds a feminine look to your outfit. A black leather jacket could be added to a lace zipper back cami for a sassy date outfit.

Now that you have a good idea of the different lace tops out there, let’s talk about the different ways to style these sheer tops. I would be sharing some great options to wear for both casual events as well as formal occasions.

What to wear with a lace top

1) A pair of jeans

During the warmer months, pair your favorite jeans with a lace top to create chic and sexy looks. A black lace top could be paired with black skinny jeans for a sleek evening date. Don’t forget the strappy heels. You could also add a cropped jacket or leather jacket to cover your arms if it’s cold outside.

Get the look HERE

For brunch dates, try opting for a pair of looser-fitting jeans in a lighter color. This could be a pair of white jeans or a pair of light wash jeans. Complete your look with a pair of white sneakers or sandals.

I love THIS OPTION as well.

2) Leather pants

If you are headed to a birthday party in a formal setting, create a stylish look by pairing a lace top with ruffle sleeves with a pair of leather pants. If both your top and pants are the same color, add a pop of color by choosing a pair of heels in a bright color.

Get the look HERE

In the winter months, choose a lace top with long sleeves. You can throw on a pair of sleek ankle boots instead of heels. Add a long coat or fur shawl on top of to add an extra layer of warmth.

3) A pencil skirt

Pencil skirts can be paired with different types of lace tops and shirts, depending on the dress code of where you are headed. Opt for mini skirts if you are headed for drinks with the girls. You could choose a lace bodysuit or crop top to pair with your skirt.

Get the look HERE

For a more formal look, try going for a midi pencil skirt and pairing it with a longer lace top or lace blouse. Add a tank top or cami underneath to make sure you’re not revealing more than you want to. Add a structured blazer on top and a pair of pumps. During the warm months, try going for a lace blouse with floral designs.

4) A pair of trousers

A great way to style a lace top for a semi formal event is by pairing it with a pair of pants. High-waisted trousers would be the most flattering as they would make your waist look smaller. Choose a white lace crop top or a bralette on a warm Summer day and pair it with pants in a solid color.

Get the look HERE

Complete your look with a leather jacket or bomber jacket. You could also opt for a denim jacket if you’re headed to a casual event. A pair of sneakers or heels would work for footwear, depending on where you are headed to.

THIS white bodysuit would work well with a pair of white trousers if you’re going for an all-white look.

5) A pair of shorts

A pair of cute shorts can be paired with a short sleeve lace top. A chic festival look you could easily create would be a white top paired with short shorts. On other days, you could opt for a pair of linen shorts or Bermuda shorts for other casual looks.

Get the look HERE

Complete your look with a pair of sneakers if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. A pair of sandals could be worn instead for a summer vacation outfit. For more ways to wear short shorts, check out my post: 10 chic ways to wear short shorts.

6) With a matching skirt

For special occasions such as a cocktail event, try pairing your lace top with a matching lace skirt. This is an easy way to create a stylish lace look without overthinking things. If it’s a chilly day, you could even add a chambray shirt on top and tie it at the waist.

Get the look HERE

This matching lace set in a pink color would be perfect for Easter. Choose sets in your favorite colors to show off your personal style. If you’re looking for a midi skirt lace set, check out THIS ONE.

I hope that you’ve gotten some great outfit ideas for lace clothing. Lace tops are fun and feminine and you can create many chic looks with them. Which of these was your favorite?

You can get this lovely white lace top HERE

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