7 Ways to Style a Tweed Jacket
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7 Ways to Style a Tweed Jacket

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

In today’s blog post, I would be covering some of the best ways to style a tweed jacket. Tweed jackets are typically seen as more formal and so you can pair them with your business casual or smart casual look. The tweed fabric is a rough, woollen fabric and so this means tweed jackets tend to be pretty warm.

Most of today’s looks would be for the early Spring, Fall and winter months. As tweed is a warm fabric, a tweed blazer is usually reserved for the colder months. If you’ve never tried a tweed jacket before, I hope to convince you to give one a try by the end of this post.


Some fun facts about this high-quality fabric:

- It is an icon of traditional Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English clothing.

- The material is moisture-resistant and durable, thus made to withstand harsh climates

- It was traditionally used for the country clothing of the upper classes such as shooting jackets

- Sherlock Holmes was known for sporting a tweed coat

Nowadays, tweed jackets come in different colors, making them easier to style with other items in your wardrobe. Before we jump into the various outfit ideas you can create with the right tweed jacket, I would like to share some great options of tweed jackets. This would come in handy if you’re looking to add one to your wardrobe.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to find a tweed jacket or tweed blazer

i) Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers a large range of tweed jackets, blazers and tweed coats to choose from. I love that they come in a wide price range so there’s something for everyone’s budget. I love a structured tweed blazer and that’s why THIS L’Agence blazer in Dusty Pink is my top pick.

I realize the price tag may be above many people’s budget and so HERE is a more affordable tweed blazer.

ii) Shein

Shein offers lots of tweed jackets in different colors and lengths. You can mix and match them with different colors to create chic warm outfits during the cold months. I particularly love their cropped tweed jackets because they make your waist appear smaller. THIS plaid cropped tweed jacket would look good paired with a pair of jeans or with a tweed skirt.

iii) Amazon

Although Amazon’s options for tweed jackets may not be as vast as the other on this list, there are some worth checking out. Tweed jackets can help create a classic look during the Fall and winter months. You can also opt for a tweed coat such as THIS ONE instead of your regular Fall coat if you’re headed to a formal event.

Now that you have some great options for wear to get stylish tweed jackets, let’s talk about the different ways to style them. You most likely own most or all of the items I would be mentioning and so this makes your work easier (and cheaper).

What to wear with a tweed jacket (or blazer)

1) A pair of skinny jeans

Create a smart casual look you could wear to the office by pairing your dark wash skinny jeans with a structured tweed blazer. A long blazer adds for more formal and professional look. During the warmer months, you could wear a simple v-neck white shirt under your blazer.

Get the look HERE

During the cold months, wearing a v-neck sweater under your tweed jacket or blazer is a great way to make this a warmer look. Add a pair of ankle boots and you’ve got yourself a chic Fall look. Tweed jackets and blazers in neutral colors make for great office wear.

2) A skirt suit

Tweed skirt suits are probably more popular than their pant suit counterparts. There’s just something about a tweed jacket paired with its matching skirt that reminds me of the movie Legally Blonde. If you’re not one to shy from showing off her legs, go for a mini skirt suit.

Get the look HERE

For a professional look you can wear to the boardroom, choose a tweed skirt suit that is at least knee-length. Wear dress shirts underneath your jackets If you are headed to more formal events. For an informal look, pair your full suit with a tank top in a neutral color or a crop top. Add a pair of heels if you’re headed to a special occasion.

For some more ideas on how to pair flats with your office looks, check out my post: 6 Perfect Work Outfits With Flats.

3) A pair of pants

Pairing your tweed jacket with a pair of trousers is a great option if you are trying to create a professional look. Loose-fitting trousers work for more corporate environments such as a courtroom or an office with a business dress code. You can also style your tweed jacket with a pair of pants for a chic for a Fall brunch look.

Get the look HERE

Complete your look with a pair of high heels for an elevated elegant look. You can also opt for a pair of sleek ballet flats if you cannot wear heels. Add a turtleneck sweater during the winter months or a simple blouse during the summer. This look can also be created with tweed trousers to create a full tweed suit.

If you want a double-breasted blazer, they THIS ONE.

4) A pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple most of you reading this already own. Create a classic look by pairing your pencil skirt with a simple top and tweed jacket. A black pencil is a great option as it can go with different colours of tweed blazers and jackets.

Get the look HERE

You can add a pair of black tights for an extra layer of warmth during the inter months. This is also a good idea if your pencil skirt is short. Choose tops in brighter colours during the warmer months to show more of your personal style. This is a look you could wear to a Spring wedding or garden party. Just add a fascinator and a pair of heels.

I also like THIS light blue version which would work great during the Spring.

5) Leather pants or leather leggings

A chic way to pull up to a birthday party is by pairing your tweed jacket with a pair of leather pants. Choose a pair of leather pants or leggings that complement your tweed jacket. You could wear a camisole or tank top underneath to maintain your casual vibe. Throw on a pair of heels if you’re dressing up for date night or girl’s night out.

Get the look HERE

Faux leather leggings are also a great choice to go with if you’re headed to a casual event. Complete your look with a pair of Chelsea boots if your plan is to stay extra comfortable. A pair of flats is a also a smart choice during the warmer months.

THESE are my favorite faux leather leggings in case you are looking for a great pair. They have really great reviews online.

6) A dress

Get your Blair Waldorff on by pairing your dresses with your tweed blazers. Create a new look with your little black dress by pairing it with a cropped tweed jacket. A sheath dress or pencil dress is a great choice to go with. You do not want a dress that would compete with your tweed jacket for attentions.

Get the look HERE

You could also go for a full tweed look by choosing a matching tweed dress to go with your tweed jacket. A mini dress works for informal occasions while a midi tweed dress is a great choice for formal occasions and business settings. Add a pair of tights if your dress is short and complete your outfit with a pair of pumps.

7) A shorts set

Similar to the tweed pant suits and skirt suits, we have the tweed shorts set. This is the best way to rock tweed during the hot summer days. Wear a white t-shirt or tank top underneath to stay cool during the hot summer days. Complete your look with a pair of strappy heels.

Get the look HERE

This is a chic look you could wear for a bougie yacht party or for high tea with some friends. You could easily slip a pair of white sneakers on if you’re going to be partaking in some outdoor activities. Keep your jewelry minimal when rocking tweed as the fabric is already a bold one.

I hope you have gotten lots of outfit inspiration you can use the next time you think of wearing a tweed jacket or blazer. Remember that tweed is a warm and high-quality fabric so it is typically worn during the colder months.

Get this lovely tweed coat HERE

Check out my post: 7 ways to wear a blazer with a dress for some more ideas on pairing jackets with dresses.

Until the next post,



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