6 Outfits to Wear With Lace Shorts
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6 Outfits to Wear With Lace Shorts

Updated: Apr 14

Most of you reading this probably own a pair of shorts. These could be denim shorts, linen shorts, gym shorts or even short shorts. Shorts are such an easy piece of clothing to style during the summer season. They come in so many styles and colors, allowing you to create many different casual looks.

Lace shorts tend to be worn during the warmer months, as do shorts in general. They can be paired with different styles of tops and jackets to create chic casual outfits. In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some stylish outfits you can easily put together with a pair of lace shorts. If you are looking for some outfit ideas to create with a pair of lace shorts, keep reading.


When you do a search for lace shorts, what comes up tends to be rally short shorts and lingerie. That’s cool and all if you’re looking for lingerie to stay at home in. This post would be focusing on shorts you can wear outside for casual events.

Before we dive into the different ways to style a pair of lace shorts, I would love to share some great options of lace shorts. This would be helpful if you’re looking to try this trend or looking to add a new pair to your wardrobe. You would come to see how easy it is to pair lace shorts with items you probably already have in your wardrobe.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to buy lace shorts

i) Shein

Shein offers what is probably the widest selection of lace shorts on this list. They carry the really short ones you would probably wear to stay at home as well as longer ones you can wear to grab a coffee with friends. These scallop trim shorts would look great paired with a simple top and a pair of flat sandals.

ii) Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing does not currently have a lot of options when it comes to lace shorts but they do have some cute lace dresses. Most of their lace shorts are more risqué. However THESE black lace shorts with a woven lace detail are my favorite on their website. Pair it with a halter neck blouse like the model or a chic camisole.

iii) Etsy

Etsy offers some unique and hand-crafted lace shorts in different styles. You can find lots of cute lace shorts you could wear on a honeymoon or for a getaway. One of my favorites is THIS two piece set featuring white lace shorts with a matching white top. If you’re looking to create a chic white look, this would be a great choice.

iv) ASOS

Asos also offers some great choice when it comes to lace shorts you can actually wear outside. If you’re headed for a fancy event during the warm months, THESE 3D lace shorts are the perfect choice. You’ll be able to create a very chic summer look by pairing them with their matching blouse. You could create more outfits by pairing it with other tops.

Now that you have a good idea of where to find the right pair of lace shorts, let’s talk about styling them. I would be sharing some easy ways to put together a chic outfit with a pair of shorts. I would also be showing you how to dress your look up or down for the occasion.

What to wear with lace shorts

1) A crop top

Create sexy casual looks with your lace shorts by pairing them with a crop top of your choice. You don’t necessarily have to show your belly when wearing a cropped top. To do this, choose a pair of high-waisted shorts or a longer cropped top. If you’re going to be wearing lace, keep the rest of your outfit light and airy.

Get the look HERE

Choose a pair of floral shorts during the warm Spring days. Complete your look with a pair of flats if you’re going to be on your feet a lot. For a more special occasion, add a pair of heels to your outfit. Denim jackets can be worn if it’s early Spring and a little chilly.

2) A tank top

Looking for an outfit idea similar to a crop top outfit but without the risk of showing some belly fat? This is the best option for you. Tuck your tank top into your shorts to create a cleaner look. You could add a kimono or light cardigan on top for some extra warmth or to hide your arms. Play around with different colors of tank tops to create different looks.

Get the look HERE

Complete your laid-back look with a pair of flat sandals and a crossbody bag. This is a great option if you’re exploring while on vacation. For date night, replace your flat shoes with a pair of high heels. You could also throw on a leather jacket on a cool summer evening.

3) A bralette

Pair your lace shorts with another summer staple to create an easy and stylish summer outfit. A bralette in a neutral color could be paired with white lace shorts to create a fresh outfit perfect for the warm weather. If you’re headed to a summer festival, complete your look with a long cardigan or kimono, just in case it gets cold.

Get the look HERE

Choose a pair of white sneakers as footwear for a fresh look. You could also opt for a pair of strappy sandals if you want to create a dressier outfit. You can create a funky look by opting for a pair of cowboy boots.

4) A blouse

A blouse with long sleeves can be paired with lace shorts to create a dressy look. You could wear this outfit for brunch during the warm months or to attend a friend’s birthday party. Add a pop of color to your outfit by choosing a blouse or shorts in a bright color.

Get the look HERE

Complete your outfit with a pair of heels if you’re headed somewhere fancy. These could even ne kitten heels if you’re not up for a pair of stiletto heels. You could also choose a button-down shirt and longer lace shorts if you are attending a cocktail event. Ankle boots could be worn during the colder nights.

5) A chambray shirt

Lace and chambray are the perfect combination you have to try the next time you’re wearing your lace shorts. Keep the top few buttons of your chambray shirt unbuttoned for a chic laid-back look. You could add a statement necklace if you’re headed to a semi-casual event.

Image source here

Complete your look with a pair of ballet flats or sandals for a more casual vibe. Heels are always welcome if you’re trying to look more dressed up. A black leather jacket can be worn as outerwear on a colder day.

I’m loving THIS long-sleeved chambray shirt.

6) A halter top

One of my favorite ways to style lace shorts is to pair them with matching lace tops. This creates a stylish monochrome look you don’t have to think twice about. It removes the guessing and uncertainty you could experience when you’re unsure of which top to pair with your shorts.

Get the look HERE

Halter tops show off your shoulders so opt for this style if you’re comfortable showing them off. Complete your look with a pair of flip flops if you’re headed to the beach. A pair of flat sandals or Birkenstock’s also work great.

Regardless of your body type, you can pull off a lace shorts outfit. The first step is to find the right pair of cute shorts. I hope you have gotten lots of outfit inspiration from this post and great ideas on how to style your lace shorts.

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