6 Outfit Ideas to Try With an Orange Dress
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6 Outfit Ideas to Try With an Orange Dress

Updated: Apr 26

The color orange is one of the most vibrant and eye-catching colors out there. It is also one color that many women avoid wearing. This is typically because a lot of women feel like they don't have the right skin tone to pull off this vibrant colors.

There are different shades of orange and for each shade, there are different skin tones that look better when paired with it. Burnt orange for example if my favorite shade of orange. It’s a warmer and darker shade of orange that looks amazing on dark skin.

Warm colors and bright colors always pair nicely with darker skin while lighter colors work great on paler and fairer skin. In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some great ideas for how to style an orange dress. I would be showing you how easy it is to create a chic orange outfit using pieces you most likely already have in your wardrobe.


I would be going over not only the best colors of outerwear to pair with an orange dress but also the best color shoes to complete your orange looks. If you are seeking some inspiration to help you put together a chic look with this bold color as the centre of attention, then keep reading. Bright colors can be tricky to style and this post is here to serve as a guide.

Before we dive into the best ways to style your orange looks, I want to share some great options of orange dresses. This would be very helpful if you’re looking to add an orange dress to your wardrobe.

I have included different shades of orange so that there’s something for everyone on this list. I have also tried to include various styles of dresses to accommodate personal style.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to buy an orange dress

i) Revolve

Revolve offers a number of orange dresses as well as orange tops and other orange clothing. If you are looking for an orange maxi dress to wear to a semi formal event, you need to check THIS ONE out. You’ll be sure to run heads in this deep v jersey maxi. All you need to complete your look are a pair of high heels and a gold accessories.

ii) Pretty Little Thing

Another place to check for orange clothing to create chic looks with is PLT. They have dresses in different shades of orange for both casual as well as dressy looks. Create a more casual look with an orange dress by opting for a shirt dress like THIS ONE. A great way to create a chic casual outfit would be to opt for a pair of white sneakers or sandals.

If you prefer a short shirt dress, try THIS ONE.

iii) Shein

If orange is the base of your color scheme, you should check out Shein for some great options for orange clothing items. THIS dark orange cami dress would be a great option to pair with a kimono or denim jacket on a hot summer day. You could dress it up or down with heels or sandals, depending on the occasion.

iv) Boohoo

Who says you can’t wear orange in the winter? Take your winter style up a notch by opting for an orange sweater dress such as THIS ONE. It would add a refreshing pop of color to your wardrobe. Pair it with a pair of ankle boots and a black leather jacket for a great look. You can also opt for a longline coat instead of a jacket if it’s cold outside.

If short sweater dresses are your thing, check out THIS OPTION. You could pair it with tall boots for a chic look.

v) Nordstrom

Nordstrom has a great selection of orange dresses you could style for different occasions. I particularly love their options for cocktail dresses which could also be worn for date night. THIS fit and flare cocktail dress would be the perfect choice for a Spring or Summer birthday party.

Now that you have some choice of websites to shop for the perfect orange dress, it’s time to talk about the different ways to style them. I’ll be covering the different colors of shoes to pair with your orange dress for the best looks.

What color shoes to wear with an orange dress

1) White shoes

White is one of those neutral colors that adds brightness to an outfit. Pair your orange dress with a pair of white heels to make your look lighter and fresher. White and orange are complementary colors that don’t wash each other out. Complete your look with a pair of gold earrings. If you’re dressing for a casual event, opt for a pair of white sandals or white sneakers.

Get the look HERE

Find similar white heels HERE

2) Black shoes

Seeing as black is the universal color that goes with everything, it has to be mentioned on this list. I suggest pairing black shoes with dresses in dark shades of orange versus lighter shades. Your outfit would look less harsh. Choose a pair of black heels for a more formal look. Black ankle boots work during the colder months to create a sleek look.

Get the look HERE

3) Clear shoes

To know me is to know my love for clear heels. They’re the perfect match for all colors of dresses as they don’t compete with your fabulous colors and make your legs appear longer. Clear sandals or pumps paired with an orange dress is always a great combination. Pair them with a bright orange dress and a statement necklace to make a bold statement.

Get the look HERE

To get some more inspiration for outfits to wear with your clear heels, check out my post: 5+ outfit ideas to wear with clear heels

4) Nude shoes

If you plan on combining multiple bright colours with your orange dress, I suggest opting for a pair of nude shoes. If you’re not a risk taker when it comes to your fashion style, always go for more neutral colors. Whether you’re working with a neon orange dress or a dark orange dress, nude is always a great choice to go with. You could add a navy blue blazer or cardigan on top if want a more professional look.

Get the look HERE

5) Orange shoes

Create a chic monochromatic look by pairing your orange dress with a pair of orange shoes. You can play with a different shade of orange for the shoes to make your look more interesting. If you’re going with a full orange look, try breaking things up by adding an accessory in a fun print like polka dots.

Get the look HERE

THESE strappy sandals would work great with a tangerine dress.

6) Brown shoes

If you’re looking to tone down your orange outfit, pairing the with brown shoes is a great idea. Brown shoes work with both bright and dark orange dresses. You could even wear a brown leather jacket and opt for a pair of brown boots if you’re dressing during the cold months. If opting for brown sandals on a chilly day, add a white kimono or cardigan for some warmth.

Get the look HERE

I hope you’ve gotten lots of outfit ideas to find the perfect way to style your orange dress. Orange is a great color to play with, you just have to find the right shade of orange for your skin tone. Instead of an orange dress, play around with a pair of orange pants or an orange shirt to create a great orange look.

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