The 9 Best Websites to Shop for African Print Clothing
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The 9 Best Websites to Shop for African Print Clothing

Updated: Apr 3

To know me is to know how deep my love for African prints goes. The whole reason I started my 1st blog over a decade ago was to share my love for African-inspired clothing. I used to share and collaborate with many local and international African designers long before the blog came along. Needless to say, African clothes have always been my passion.

When we think of African clothing, a lot of us think of Ankara fabric. Ankara fabric is just one type of fabric used by many African designers to create stunning pieces. These fabrics typically come in bright colors and fun prints. What we refer to as Ankara or African wax print is actually a type of cotton fabric. It is mostly produced in Europe due to the lack of infrastructure across Africa.


Wax prints are however inspired by the motherland. Authentic wax prints are much pricier than what you typically find in African markets or online. Vlisco (1846) has become the standard when it comes to the production of high quality wax print fabrics.

The Vlisco Group designs, produces and distributes fashion fabrics, especially of the African wax print style, for the West and Central African market and African consumers in global metropolitan cities.

It is important to note that African clothing is not and should not be limited to these bright and bold prints. Ankara prints for example are most popular in countries located in the Sub Saharan and Western Sahara region.

There are so many other types of African fabrics used across the African fashion industry at home and in the diaspora. Some of these include Bogolan (mud cloth), lace, Kente, Toghu, Ndop and more.

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African print clothing and designs have evolved so much from my early blogging days. The cuts are more modern, the fabrics are more diverse, and the craftsmanship is cleaner and neater. It’s no wonder you can find all the celebrities rocking African print dresses and other pieces even on international red carpets. Fortunately, it’s not only the rich who can afford to look stylish in wax prints.

There currently exists many reputable websites that sell African print fabric and clothing at affordable prices. A lot of them are black owned with at least some part of the production process taking place in Africa.

With over a decade worth of experience shopping for African dresses and garments online, I have decided to create a list of my best websites to shop for African print clothing. Keep reading to find out which brands made my list of top African clothing retailers.

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Here are my top places to shop for modern African print clothing. I have personally shopped from most of the websites mentioned on this list so you can rest assured. You can also check out my post: Top 15 Cameroonian Fashion Brands to Know if you are looking to support Cameroonian fashion.

Where to buy African Print Clothing

1) Laviye

I have been aware of Laviye the brand since its early days. This brand is one of the pioneers in modern Ankara styles. I still remember discovering the brand when I saw a pair of their Ankara shoes circulating on social media. Nowadays, you can find everything from dresses to skirts and tops available on the site.

Get the look HERE

They have both a personal website as well as an Etsy page where you can purchase their beautiful pieces. I also love that they sell lots of his and hers items so you can easily match with your significant other. A limited selection of kids’ clothing is also available, meaning the whole family gets to dress up in matching outfits.

This is a great idea if you have a family shoot planned. If you are looking for stylish African dresses for your next event, I suggest you check them out.

More Ankara looks for the entire family available HERE and HERE for his and hers.

2) Grass-fields

Grassfields is one of the most well-known names in the African clothing industry. Started by 2 Cameroonian sisters, their trendy take on Ankara combined with their affordable prices propelled the business to success. Although the company seems to no longer be under their management, their selection of modern African print clothing remains.

Get the look HERE

In recent years, Grass-fields added more mainstream clothing items to their original catalogue of African print skirts, dresses, tops, African print pants and jackets. I like how each item tends to come in several different patterns. A lot of their items sell out quickly so if you see something you like, it’s advisable to get it ASAP.

Get the look HERE

3) Ofuure

Ofuure is also owned by a black woman and is also a well-known name in the Ankara fashion world I have known the Founder since before the existence of the brand and it’s a pleasure to see how far it has come. Ofuure started out small, making maxi skirts with matching tops and now carries everything from swimsuits to activewear to skirts, tops and jogger sets.

Get the look HERE

They have also broadened their product selection to include accessories such as fanny packs in addition to more Western garments. The product imagery and marketing from this brand is top notch as well as the selection of bold print for each garment. New products are added very frequently so do check the website often. Get a special discount with the code theankaraqueen at checkout 😊

Get the look HERE

4) D’iyanu

I collaborated with D’iyanu almost a decade ago and I remember getting so many compliments (which drove sales) when I wore my crop top and skirt set. This is another black-owned business that offers modern yet classy African print clothing. I also appreciate that they carry items for all members of the family so you can shop for everyone in one go.

Get the look HERE

Their pieces are more conservative than the other brands on this list and their sizes fit up to a 3XL! Those of you in the USA also have an extra special treat. You get free shipping on orders over $99! We all know how that can come in handy. Their unisex hoodies are one of my favorite items!

THIS tunic dress is definitely calling my name.

5) Afrikrea

Afrikerea came to my attention some time after I was a aware of Zuvaa. They were Zuvaa’s main rivals and were mostly popular among francophone Africa and the francophone diaspora. Afrikrea is a true marketplace for all things African. You can find cowrie jewelry, essential oils, traditional clothings as well as t-shirts and modern African print designs.

Get the look HERE

Vendors on the platform are based all over the world, with many of them located across Africa. You can purchase an African skirt from a designer in South Africa or a top from someone in Sierra Leone. The products are as diverse as the vendors and that adds to the beauty of the platform. Check out their different best sellers by signing up to their newsletters.

6) Nanawax

Nanawax has been at the forefront when it comes to unique and well-made African print clothing. The brand has several physical stores located in West Africa and has successfully maintained itself as a household name for years. All this without having their own website. I still recall the times Nanawax would hots pop up shops across different cities. The turn out was always insane.

Get the look HERE

Owning Nanawax pieces was a status symbol in the African fashion world. Nowadays, you can purchase Nanawax pieces from the Afrikrea platform. This is convenient for those of us who can’t afford a trip to the motherland every time we want to splurge on African pieces.

THIS SUIT is also calling my name!

7) Tongoro

Tongoro Studio is the answer for minimalists who wish to wear African print clothing. Sarah Diouf has been able to make a name for herself in international markets thanks to her carefully crafted pieces. Her pieces are known for one thing in particular – their minimalistic nature. They are all in black and white. It’s fascinating how much you can create with just two colors.

Get the look HERE

Nowadays, you can shop Tongoro Studio pieces online via Net-a-Porter. This is great news for folks who can’t fly to Dakar, Senegal to snag up these beautiful creations. I lover her jumpsuits most especially and can’t wait to own one. Tongoro sources all its materials in Africa and works with local tailors.

Get the look HERE

8) DiarraBlu

Senegal makes it twice on this list and with good reason. The Senegalese have been killing it in the African clothing milieu for many years. I appreciate their simplistic take on African designs – it’s a breath of fresh air. I met the Founder, Diarra Bousso, many years ago at the annual Harvard Business School Africa Conference. Her brand has really taken off since then, being featured in Vogue and other major magazines.

Get the look HERE

The company’s mission is to iterate for sustainability while highlighting the African continent’s rich colors and unique patterns through practical and versatile pieces designed using mathematical concepts or algorithms. You can shop Diarrablu directly on their website or on Nordstrom as well as Shop Bop.

Get the look HERE

9) Claude Kameni

Before bursting on the global fashion scene, Calude Kameni, previously known as Lavie by CK, had made a name for themselves in the prom and bridal wear scene. Nowadays, you can catch Lavie by CK at the MET museum and on red carpets across the world.

Get the look HERE

If you are looking for jaw-dropping gowns to wear to black-tie events or other formal events, this is your answer. Each piece is meticulously executed, and the combination of fabrics always leaves me in awe. The prices may be higher than what you’re used to for African prints, but the garments speak for themselves.

This list is not exhaustive, and I would add to it as time goes on. This is a great place to start however if you are on the hunt for some unique African print clothing. Which of these brands did you already know? Which one is your favorite?

Get the look HERE

Do check out my post: The 20 Nigerian Clothing Brands to Know for a full list of my favorite Nigerian brands.

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