Top 12 Websites to Shop for Clothes in Your 30s
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Top 12 Websites to Shop for Clothes in Your 30s

Updated: 5 days ago

In my opinion, your 30s are the prime years of your life. You know yourself and what you want more. You typically have more money and most likely a stable career and you’re more sophisticated than you’ve ever been.

You’re also still young enough to rock trendy pieces like a pro and if you’ve been taking care of yourself, your body hasn’t changed much from your 20s.

This is the perfect decade to build the wardrobe of your dreams. You know how to style your body type at this point and can immediately tell if an item would work for you or not.

There’s no more wasting time in the change rooms of department stores trying on 13 dresses you know won’t work for you. You focus more on good quality pieces that you can wear multiple times.


There’s nothing wrong with owning some fast fashion pieces because let’s face it, even in our 30s, money can be tight. However, this is the moment to start purchasing investment pieces you would be wearing in your 40s. They don’t have to be designer brands or cost thousands of dollars but an upgrade in quality is important.

In today’s blog post, I would be sharing the best places to shop for classy yet trendy pieces for the career woman who enjoys looking stylish and chic. If you are young at heart but looking to upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank, keep reading. I would be combining some higher-end pieces with more affordable ones to try and include women with different financial budgets. You should not be going into debt trying to polish up your personal style.

I would be splitting this post up into different sections as some websites are better suited for certain items. Some websites are great for classic pieces while others are better for trendy pieces. Some of these websites carry multiple brands and so would be a great option for those of you looking for a single destination to shop for multiple pieces. If you are looking for a Fall wardrobe refresh, I invite you to check out my post: Fall wardrobe essentials you must have.

To start off, however, here is my list of the top places to shop for clothing and accessories in general if you’re in your 30s.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

My top 12 websites to shop for clothes in your 30s (in no particular order):

1) Nordstrom

I love Nordstrom because they offer an enormous selection of clothing items at varying price ranges. It’s a great place to shop for entry-level luxury pieces and brands such as Kate Spade and Eileen Fisher. They also carry many brands that have their own websites and so you could easily get a Good American dress as well as a Tory Burch crossbody bag.

During the Nordstrom anniversary sale event, you can score designer brands at a fraction of the price! If you don’t like hoping around from one site or store to another, Nordstrom is your one-stop shop for all things clothes, shoes and bags.

Con: It may be hard to find exactly hat you’re looking for given the sheer number of items on their website. It may be best to work with one of their personal shoppers if you are looking for something specific.

Get the look HERE

2) Banana Republic

Banana Republic used to be known as an ‘old lady’s store’ but thanks to their recent rebranding, they have been able to attract a younger audience. If you are a career woman seeking classic staples with a modern twist, this is the store for you. You can find anything from a black pencil skirt to a denim jacket and a chic dress you could wear to work functions outside the office.

Banana Republic is known for their exceptional quality and so be prepared to spend a little more. Whether you’re just starting out in the corporate world or a seasoned veteran, this is a great destination for you. During their different sales events, the price point of their items are much more affordable. You get the same quality as Club Monaco at a lower price.

Con: Items are typically pricier and pieces are not the trendiest.

Get the look HERE


ASOS is one of the most popular international clothing websites. They are known for carrying not only their own line of clothing but other high street brands such as Topshop and River Island. If high street fashion is your style, then this is going to be one of your favorite stores. I like purchasing my skinny jeans as well as cozy sweaters from ASOS. They also carry lots of great options of outfits for special occasions.

Con: Depending on where you live, customs fees can be pricey. Also, quality and sizing can be off, depending on the brand.

Get the look HERE

4) Lulus

High school may be many many years behind you but you can still look youthful without trying too hard thanks to Lulus. They are my go-to store for cocktail dresses as well as sweater dresses. Whether you’re dressing up for date nights or a formal occasion, you are bound to find a dress suitable to your taste. With most items under $70, this is a great website to check out if you wish to add a little youthfulness to your wardrobe.

Con: International customers tend to pay customs & duties upon delivery.

Get the look HERE

5) Saks

Here’s another great option for my lovers of luxury, great quality and name brands. Saks 5th Ave is like a more upscale Nordstrom in my opinion. You can find names like Karl Lagerfeld as well as Oscar de la Renta under the same roof. If you are looking for a new outfit to feel amazing in as well as stand out, Saks is for you.

Do be prepared to shell out some extra dollars for those name brands however as it costs dollars to rock some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. On the bright side, you would most likely be wearing your items for a long time.

Con: Higher price point and shipping fees can be expensive if ordering online. Also, sizing can differ depending on the designer.

Get the look HERE

6) Pretty Little Thing

I know some of you may be wondering why PLT is featured on this list but just hear me out. Although they are not known for their sustainable practices, Pretty Little Thing does deliver when it comes to trendy clothing at affordable prices.

Sometimes you just want to look cute when you’re on a really tight budget and I’m not the one to judge. PLT offers a range of different clothing styles and is very accommodating of different sizes. They’re a good place to check out for last minute outfits on a budget.

Con: Items tend to sell quickly.

Get the look HERE

7) Meshki

Meshki is an Australian brand for the grown and sexy. If you’re looking for sexy outfits to wear on vacation, girls’ night out or date night, you need to check them out. They have the best quality slip dresses I have ever purchased as well as trendy pant suits. If you’re not afraid to show a little skin, this is a good place to shop.

Con: Sizing of many items is limited to XS-Large and you tend to need to size up. Plus sizes are not available for many items.

Get the look HERE

8) Revolve Clothing

Revolve is another shopping destination for the modern woman who is comfortable in her skin. The quality is top notch and they carry pieces for everyday wear as well as head-turning items for fancy occasions. Revolve also carries lots of higher end brands such as Free People and DVF (queen of wrap dresses) and so you’re bound to find something to your liking.

Con: Higher price point and popular pieces sell out quickly.

Get the look HERE

9) Amazon

We are living in a new era. One where Amazon is on a list of top places to shop for clothing. What a time to be alive! I find that Amazon has come a long way since selling books and DVDs. Not only do they carry other clothing brands on their website but they also offer some of their own pieces. Casual everyday wear as well as office wear and evening gowns are available for purchase on the site and like in true Amazon fashion, a lot of items are able to ship quickly.

Con: Different vendors offer varying sizing charts. Many items take weeks for delivery unless shipping speed is upgraded at a cost.

Get the look HERE

10) Zara

I know many of us were already hitting up Zara in our 20s. My first blazer and skater dress came from Zara when I was 21 years old. I still own the blazer more than 10 years later and I remember almost returning it after I saw that receipt (over $100 on one item of clothing?!) Zara is a good entry-level brand to higher quality and you can still rock it in your 30s. I particularly appreciate their pantsuits, blazers and chic longline coats.

Con: You’re bound to show up somewhere wearing the same outfit as someone almost half your age because everyone shops at Zara. Also, I find their pants sizing is off for women with curves.

11) Simons

Simons is a Canadian fashion brand that grew on me once I turned 30. I always wondered why they were so popular and then I purchased one of their bras from the Miiyu brand and I was immediately a fan. They also carry a number of other brands such as Herschel.

It is worth mentioning that as a grown woman, you should invest in some high quality lingerie and undergarments. Simons is definitely one of my top destinations for bras that fir properly at reasonable prices $50 and below). They also carry lots of homeware as well as athletic wear.

Con: Their pieces are not the trendiest and many items come with a higher price tag.

Get the look HERE

12) Target

I’m yet to meet someone who didn’t love or appreciate Target. It’s a shame they’re no longer available in Canada as I used to love their annual designer collaborations. I envy my US friends who get to rock cool graphic tees, crop tops and simple summer dresses for under $30. Shopping at Target is the best way to get affordable everyday clothing at a low price. Their online store offers a wide range of styles in case your local store doesn’t carry enough variety.

Con: Everyone shops at Target so you’re more likely to bump into someone with the same outfit.

Get the look HERE

Now that you know the best websites and stores to purchase the best clothing, I would like to split things up into different categories. Need to know where to shop for skinny jeans? Active wear? I got you! Keep reading to discover where you should head to for classic pieces or to shop the latest trends.

i) Where to shop for a leather jacket

A leather jacket is one of the top wardrobe staples. I have spoken about them multiple times on this blog, including blog posts on brown as well as black leather jackets. If you are looking for a genuine leather jacket, do check out THIS All Saints leather jacket. It would make for a great investment piece.

If your budget is much less, THIS faux leather jacket by Blank NYC is a great option that comes with great reviews.

Interested in a brown leather jacket? Check out my post: How to wear a brown leather jacket for links to shop brown moto jackets.

ii) Where to shop for a pair of jeans

Depending on your body type, different brands of jeans may fit you better. If you are curvier, you want your jeans to have at least a little stretch to accommodate your curves. I find that Topshop jeans are more curve-friendly than a lot of other brands. You can now shop Topshop pieces exclusively on ASOS so you would want to head there.

I have spoken about my love for Topshop Joni jeans most especially and you can even read my review of them HERE. Pair them with a classic white sneaker for a chic casual outfit.

iii) Where to shop for loungewear

Being cozy becomes more and more important the older you get. Comfort is now my best friend and that’s probably why I’m such a fan of loungewear. In this age of work-from-home, comfortable loungewear is on everyone’s lips. Everlane offers an impressive selection of affordable clothes you can wear at home or for a casual look. Hoodies and sweats for grown? Yes please!

Of course, you can also check out the selection from Lululemon if you have a bigger budget.

iv) Where to shop for mini dresses

Who says you can’t show lots of leg in your 30s? Not me. Mini dresses can be both fun and sexy as well as comfortable. Whether you’re getting dressed for date night, bar hopping night or a New Year’s Eve party I got you. My top destinations would be ASOS, Pretty Little Thing and Meshki for short dresses. Don’t forget to pair your mini dress with a pair of high heels to complete your look.

Get the look HERE

v) Where to shop for dress shirts

If you’re looking to upgrade your corporate wardrobe as you step into a new decade, Banana Republic should be your first stop. You can load up on a number of classic dress shirts in neutral colors if you’re just starting out. Round up your selection by adding dress shirts from sites like the GAP and even ASOS.

Get the look HERE

vi) Where to shop for what to wear at home

The first step to feeling good in the comfort of your home is looking good at home. With many more of us working from home, this Is now especially important. Whether you’re opting for leggings, shorts, jogger sets or loose dresses, Shein is a great option to check out.

Yes, it is fast fashion and they probably don’t run ethical factories but in this economy, some folks can’t afford to dish out more than a few dollars on house clothes. You could try thrifting out of you prefer an online store, do checkout out Shein.

Get the look HERE

vii) Where to shop for a cocktail dress

If you’re headed to a cocktail event or a birthday dinner, you probably want to put your best foot forward. I suggest you check out Lulus as well as Nordstrom for all your knee-length or midi dresses. You can never own too many LBDs and these sites would offer you enough options to choose from. I would say Nordstrom offers more formal styles if that is what you seek.

Get the look HERE

viii) Where to shop for crop tops

Crop tops are probably one of the most popular clothing items out there. Most websites carry a wide selection of new styles and versions of this clothing item. They can be paired with practically everything and have thus become a wardrobe staple, even for those who don’t wish to show any belly. The best places to shop for them would be Nordstrom, Pretty Little Thing, Amazon and also Revolve.

Get the look HERE

To rock a crop top without showing your stomach, check out my post: 5 ways to wear a crop top without showing your stomach.

ix) Where to shop for summer dresses

When it’s nice and warm outside, you want your dresses to be breathable and comfortable. You can takeaway the shopping struggle so many women face by heading straight to Amazon, Lulus, Nordstrom or Pretty Little Thing for the cutest summer dresses. You can find both casual as well as more formal styles on these websites.

Get the look HERE

x) Where to shop for pants

Dress pants, culottes, chinos and slacks start making more of an appearance in your 30s. It may be high time you invest in some good quality pants and slacks for both board room meetings as well as after hours business meetings. ASOS, Nordstrom and Revolve are my favorite websites to check out for pants.

If you have wider calves like myself, you want to opt for pants with a wide leg. I suggest you always read the reviews on each of these sites before purchasing.

Get the look HERE

xi) Where to shop for swimsuits

You really come to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into higher-end swimwear as you get older. Instead of heading to the mall where all the 20 year olds would be getting their swimwear, I suggest you try brands like Andrea Iyamah which you can purchase on Revolve. Your swimwear can become a fashion statement that you can wear for many years to come.

Get the look HERE

And there we have it! A roundup of must-have pieces as you enter your 30s. This list is non-exhaustive and definitely subjective but I hope you get lots of ideas for outfits. If anything, I hope you learnt of a new website or brand to check out the next time you’re looking for a specific item.

For some great ideas on how to dress in your 30s, check out my post: A Style Guide for how to Dress in Your 30s.

Do check out my post: 8 different tops to wear with all kinds of skirts for some outfit inspiration you can use with the skirts in your closet.

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Until the next post,



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